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Even doing everything right, our bodies eventually get hurt, and this is the appropriate cost of pursuing our life goals.  However, it's easy to give up when things stop working and we don't know why. 

Most medically "healthy" people live with chronic kinks or illnesses which they set aside. These issues then snowball the into problems they can no longer ignore, but problems that don't present easy solutions.  I love helping others track down those nagging ailments that don't seem to have any logical causes or solutions.  Mend before the problem worsens!

When basic bodily functions no longer work in our favor, it is vital to remember how much we can heal without forever-pills or surgeries.  If your goal is to eat, sleep, and live freely again without permanently altering or medicating your body, then I want to help you find your stride.  There is strength within you- find the space where it grows!

Photo of Dr. Addison Taylor

Addison Taylor

Addison is licensed by the California State Board to practice acupuncture, herbal medicine, tui na massage, and nutritional therapy.

He received a Master's of Science in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Alhambra Medical University and was ultimately honored with the "Service Award" in recognition of distinguished contributions as the class president with exceptional dedication.  Today he is a professor at AMU.

When we reconnect to our body and its needs, daily life becomes an adventure, and destiny becomes eventuality.

Acupuncture in Pasadena!

You can start your flight of healing just two minutes off of the 210 freeway on the corner of Walnut and Catalina in Pasadena, "City of Roses," California.

The parking is in the back, which you can access from Catalina Street.

Signage of 626 Wellness community in front of the 1021 E. Walnut marker
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