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the Basics of Healing


A factory does not build an engine without metal, and you cannot repair a body without nutrition.  Sometimes a single key ingredient is all that a diet needs for all the pieces to come together, and other times something has to be eliminated. Classical Chinese medicine is great for bringing these mystery elements to light.


Emotional wellbeing becomes hormonal balance, and hormonal balance regulates or interacts with all other biological health factors.  Whether you are struggling with an old emotional trauma, or just trying to sort out your day-to-day stresses, you're going to need some help if you want to be well equipped for life's challenges. Think of acupuncture as a path to a state of emotional peace of mind!


Human beings need to play hard and rest well. The point of bringing quality nutrition to the blood, and quality peace to the heart is so that we can be totally present in our bodies when it's time to change gears.  

Whether you are hurt and wish to return to 
strength, or restless and need to restore sleep, I am here with a range of therapies to reconnect you to your body.

My Mission

Find the Answers, Strengthen the Body

In 2011 I was in such bad health that I needed help putting my pants on! Imagine what that does to a twenty-four-year-old’s confidence! I couldn’t sleep for more than 40 minutes at a time, and couldn’t breathe without conscious effort; I couldn’t dream.

By chance, fate, or good old fashioned divine intervention I eventually found myself on an acupuncturist’s table face down and falling to sleep, not having to monitor my breathing! She told me back then I needed to “work on Surrender.” What? Whatever this was, I needed to know more. 

It wasn’t just an alternative medicine that I found back then, it was an alternative living. Who would have thought that the very concerns I had about my future were stressors that prolonged my agony? Healing was going to take more than just dropping into the office and picking up a prescription- there would need to be changes on every plane of my existence: emotional, spiritual, ideological, behavioral. Every year, memory of this story fades more, as there is almost nothing physically left to remind me of those days. I invested time, energy and money into myself and the return was more than I dared hope for!

Now I’m developing a means to give back, and that’s where Flight of Healing comes in. There are other people out there like the twenty-four-year-old me: desperate, near hopeless, and in need of a way out of their emotional or physical shackles. If you or someone you know is in need of this kind of turn-around, embarking on a Flight of Healing might be the next step. My mission is to get people back in touch with what their bodies need to soar!

“Life finds a way.”
-Ian Malcom, Jurassic Park

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