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What is Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Rippling Pond with Coy Fish to represent emotional wellbeing

Same Body, New Way To frame It

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a health culture set with a unique philosophy.  Our bodies are programmed for balance, but when life throws us curve balls or we push the pedal to the metal, dis-ease settles in. 

Today, people are subject to chronic illness not because we cannot heal, but because we never provide ourselves with the lifestyle necessary for recovery.  Healing isn't a magic word, it's a forgotten art!


In Eastern tradition, pain and discomfort are viewed not as a problem to be patched, but as a branch of the root problem.  Practitioners of the art will work with the branch while maintaining focus on the root cause so that meaningful freedom from illness can be achieved.  Working on the "root" can mean:

  • Eliminating a factor that is aggravating your body

  • Supplementing missing healing factors (essential nutrients) the body needs

  • Freeing up your body's innate healing resources (relaxing knots or adhesions to open up blood flow)


  • Any combination of eliminating problem factors, and supplementing or freeing up your innate healing resources

  • Addison is a Board Certified Acupuncturist.

    • Scope of Practice includes:​

      • Acupuncture​

      • Herbal medicine

      • Exercise counseling

      • Nutritional counceling

      • Tui Na massage

License Requirements
  • 2160 hours of Classroom Training

  • 960 hours of Clinical Training

  • Passing a high-security Licensing Examination

  • 50 hours of Continuing Education every 2 years

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